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I’m Stella Kisob, Cooks are born, Chefs are made, and I am a cook. I just love cooking and most of all watching my guests enjoy the food. From the early age of about three I played with empty cans and mud trying to bake mud cakes. My mother who never wanted me in the kitchen could not do much to stop me. I loved learning how to cook and always tried to help out in the kitchen.

I was very fortunate that my family had a very experienced cook who was trained in those days by the WHITE MAN. He could cook most European dishes and was a very good pastry chef. Mr. Philip as we called him inspired me to learn how to cook; I wanted to learn how to bake breads and cakes as he did. My mother on the other hand inspired me to cook most Cameroonian and African specialties. I will also give credit to the Irish catholic Holy Rosary sisters and Mrs Ngam and Madam Moma who taught me food and nutrition at Our Lady of Lourdes College in Mankon Bamenda Cameroon.

I have also learnt a lot from my travelling around the world to different parts of Africa and Europe. My quest for cooking has enabled me to be able to blend European and Afro/Caribbean ingredients and seasonings to come up with recipes that are not typical of any but greatly enjoyed by all.

I am also a mother and wife to my lovely husband Patrick Knowles and our two adult sons and our lovely younger son Adey who is aspiring to be a cook like mummy. My husband hates cooking but always encourages me to cook. I came up with the idea of Stella’s Kitchen after searching for what I could do to work from home and able to look after our youngest son. It is hard work and very demanding, but needless to say I really enjoy every minute of it, and as long as the guests keep coming I will always cook.

Stella Kisob x
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